July 18, 2024
Narratives of Hope: Leading Cancer Experts Speak on World Cancer Day

Narratives of Hope: Leading Cancer Experts Speak on World Cancer Day

Feb 2, 2024

Top Cancer Experts on World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day, we unite to amplify the voice of hope resonating from the insights shared by top cancer experts. As we delve into their perspectives, we uncover narratives of resilience, breakthroughs, and compassionate care. Each expert contributes a unique voice to the collective endeavour to confront cancer’s challenges, emphasizing the crucial role of awareness, research, and unwavering hope. Join us in exploring the voices that inspire, guide, and instil optimism on this significant occasion dedicated to raising awareness and fostering a world where the voice of hope triumphs over the formidable adversary that is cancer.

Echoes of Strength: A Breast Surgeon’s Perspective on World Cancer Day

Dr. Vijayashree Murthy

Senior Consultant – Breast Surgical Oncology

In observance of World Cancer Day, let’s delve into the theme “Voices of Hope” through the lens of Dr. Viju Murthy, a dedicated Breast Surgeon committed to transforming the narratives of those touched by breast cancer at HCG Cancer Centre, Colaba. Dr. Murthy echoes the resilience embedded in every breast cancer journey. Through surgical expertise and compassionate care, she illuminates the path towards healing and recovery. In her reflections on “Voices of Hope,” Dr. Murthy emphasizes the crucial role of early detection, personalized treatment, restoring body image, and unwavering support systems. Patients have the option of being passive consumers of the existing healthcare system or empowered to take control. Normalizing conversations about screening, treatment options, and participation in clinical trials is the need of the hour. As we stand united on World Cancer Day, Dr. Viju Murthy urges us to amplify the voices of breast cancer survivors (My life matters), fostering a community that uplifts and empowers them. Together, let us celebrate Faith over Fear, turning “Voices of Hope” into a resounding anthem for a future without the shadows of breast cancer.

Hope Radiates: Dr. Shyam Shrivastava Lights the Way in Cancer Care

Dr. Shyam Shrivastava

Director – Radiation Oncology

Hope whispers through the air on World Cancer Day, and its voice echoes in the vision of Dr. Shyam Shrivastava, the director of the Radiation Oncology department at HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre, Colaba. The specter of side effects has led many to shun radiation treatment. Dr. Shrivastava paints a different picture, one where gentle beams, guided by the keen eyes of technology, become as precise and focused as a surgeon’s knife. He understands that cancer isn’t just fought with medicine but with awareness and hope. This is why Dr. Shrivastava shines a warm light on what was once a shadowed field. In the last four decades, he has replaced fear with understanding, whispered away doubt with hope, and empowered thousands of patients to conquer cancer. On this World Cancer Day, Dr. Shrivastava urges us all to bridge the gaps in access and understanding, hand in hand, and play a role in creating a world where “cancer-free” isn’t just a fleeting dream but a vibrant future painted with the colors of life.

Empowering Tomorrow: Dr. Sachin Trivedi’s Vision for Patient-Friendly Cancer Treatment

Dr. Sachin Trivedi

Director – Medical Oncology

This World Cancer Day, as one of the “Voices of Hope,” director of the Medical Oncology Department, HCG ICS Khubchandani Cancer Centre, Colaba, Dr. Sachin Trivedi, illuminates a path brimming with hope. He reminds us that, while cancer remains a formidable foe, modern diagnostic and treatment modalities are our superpowers. Regular checkups and awareness empower us to catch it early when our defenses are strongest. Dr. Trivedi emphasizes on understanding the complex biology of cancer and underscores that treatment extends beyond chemotherapy. With advancements like immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and hormone therapy, he paints a patient-friendly landscape. These progressive approaches offer tailored solutions, emphasizing not just defeating cancer but doing so with minimal impact on the patient’s well-being. Peering into the future, Dr. Trivedi envisions a landscape where personalized medicine becomes a powerful ally in our battle against cancer. He calls on us to close the care gap, ensuring that everyone can access the knowledge and advancements that make treatment more patient-friendly.

Dr. Bhavin Visariya – Illuminating Paths to Comprehensive Cancer Care

Dr. Bhavin Visariya –

Consultant – Radiation Oncology

On this World Cancer Day, amidst the chorus of “Voices of Hope,” Dr. Bhavin Visariya’s message shines a spotlight on the often-shadowed aspects of cancer care. He recognizes the crucial role of post-treatment care, a cornerstone for sustained well-being and recovery. With unwavering focus, he advocates for personalized strategies that nurture patients as they navigate the road beyond the active fight. Dr. Visariya is a pioneer in patient-centricity. Through Dr. Visariya’s lens, we see a streamlined experience where technology is not just a tool, but an ally in the fight against cancer, ensuring both effectiveness and comfort. His vision prioritizes a streamlined experience, minimizing burdens, and maximizing dignity throughout the journey. He also emphasizes the importance of tackling the stigma surrounding cancer, advocating for open dialogue, and dispelling misconceptions. He envisions a world where the need for help is met with understanding and acceptance, not fear and judgment. Peering into the future, Dr. Visariya sees a landscape where the significance of post-treatment care, patient-friendly approaches, and early detection redefine the patient experience in radiation oncology. 

Dr. Ninad Katdare – Redefining the Patient Experience in Surgical Oncology

Dr. Ninad Katdare

Consultant – Surgical Oncology

In the realm of surgical oncology, Dr. Ninad Katdare resonates with the theme of “Close the Care gap” on World Cancer Day, offering insights that help close the care gap and reshape the patient experience. From Dr. Katdare’s perspective, there’s a personalized roadmap for every stage of the cancer journey. Navigating through the complexities of treatment, he emphasizes tailored plans that address the unique nuances of each patient’s condition. At the core of Dr. Katdare’s philosophy is placing the patient at the center of their treatment journey. He is of the firm opinion that every single person can make a difference and impact the cancer fight. He also stresses the importance of involving all stakeholders right from the time of treatment planning. He calls on us to bridge the care gap, involve all the stakeholders in managing patient care, and ensure that the insights and advancements paving the way for patient-centric care are accessible to all, reshaping the narrative of cancer treatment.

Defeating Head and Neck Cancer: Dr. Prashant Pawar’s World Cancer Day Hope

Dr. Prashant Pawar

Senior Consultant – Head and Neck Oncology

In the symphony of “Voices of Hope” on World Cancer Day, Senior Consultant Dr. Prashant Pawar, specializing in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, offers insights that redefine the narrative of these prevalent cancers in India. Head and neck cancers are among the most common cancers in the country, but Dr. Pawar highlights the existence of advanced treatment options. He explores contemporary approaches like cosmetically superior and minimally invasive surgery, microvascular reconstruction, advanced radiation techniques like IGRT, Cyberknife, etc., and modern systemic therapies like immunotherapy that have transformed head and neck cancers from formidable adversaries to conquerable challenges. Dr. Pawar’s message to head and neck cancer patients is one of empowerment – Embracing hope over fear. In his vision, victory over these cancers is not just possible; it’s an achievable reality waiting to be claimed by those who dare to hold onto hope. Like every other cancer, early diagnosis and immediate treatment are keys to successful management of head and neck cancers.

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