July 18, 2024
JustHalfSpoon—Preserving the Essence of Tradition with Advanced Cold Grinding Technology

JustHalfSpoon—Preserving the Essence of Tradition with Advanced Cold Grinding Technology

Jul 10, 2024

Bangalore (Karnataka) (India) July 10 : JustHalfSpoon, founded by culinary experts Raghunath and Ramya, is reshaping the spice industry with its sophisticated cold grinding technology.This modern process, which grinds spices at ultra-low temperatures, preserves the volatile compounds responsible for each spice’s unique flavor profile, ensuring consumers experience the true essence of Indian cuisine in every dish.

“Our journey began at South Ruchis Square and culminated at our restaurant, Satkriti Saatvik, where we dedicated years to perfecting our spice blends,” shares Raghunath, Co-founder of JustHalfSpoon. 

He adds, “It took nearly 8.5 years to fine-tune just our Sambhar powder and Garam Masala recipes. We realized that traditional grinding methods were compromising the integrity of these spices, and we were determined to find a better way.

An accidental discovery in their process has the potential to disrupt the spice powder market significantly. JustHalfSpoon has implemented aluminum metal packaging to maintain freshness and prevent contamination, setting a new standard in the industry.

What started as a small-scale venture has grown into a big enterprise, with exports reaching Australia and distribution channels spanning across India through their direct-to-consumer portal. In a country of 1.4 billion, we can’t afford to waste 50-60% of volatile oils because of outdated technology. A manufacturer shouldn’t deprive his customers of having better taste, color, and aroma.

As JustHalfSpoon expands, it actively seeks investors to support its growth journey. Its vision includes increasing manufacturing facilities and investing in strategic brand-building initiatives to establish a global presence.

“We’re not just selling spices like Coriander Masala, Fish Masala, Biryani Masala, or Chicken Masala; we’re reimagining the way people experience Indian cuisine,” explains Ramya.

She adds, “Our goal is to become India’s premier premium spice brand and impact the global market.”

The company’s approach extends to its comprehensive business strategy, which encompasses various sales channels, including D2C, B2B, traditional supply chains, industrial sales, HORECA, and exports.

They’ve achieved cost efficiency through a proprietary throttling algorithm, maintaining grinding costs below ₹25 per kilogram of spices. Their technical expertise, developed through in-house manufacturing processes, covers every aspect of production. The team has thoroughly optimized each element, from rotor weight to pin configuration, motor speed to feed rate, to ensure consistent, high-quality results.

The founders’ dedication to a healthier India is evident in their collaborative approach to recipe development. Working closely with renowned caterers, they’ve refined their blends for mass production while maintaining the exacting standards set in their own restaurant.

As they grow, JustHalfSpoon continues educating consumers about the importance of premium spices. They’ve produced engaging advertisements and informative videos to connect with customers and raise awareness about their brand.

With its modern approach to spice production and contribution to quality, JustHalfSpoon is set to transform the culinary landscape. It offers consumers an exceptional spice experience that promises to elevate every meal.

Now, they are seeking investors who share their vision to transform Just Half Spoon into a global brand.

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